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Sometimes traditional restoration methods are not effective in in eliminating all contaminants. Enter Dry Ice Blasting, a revolutionary restorative process with virtually endless uses. Dry Ice Blasting uses tiny dry ice pellets accelerated in a jet of compressed air to rapidly and effectively remove a wide variety of substances including oil, grease, rust, salt, carbon, ink, mold and more.

Dry Ice Blasting is a non-toxic, non-conductive, non-abrasive and environmentally responsible option. It restores without the side effects of applications like sand blasting or solvents and leaves no secondary waste material such as sand, glass or plastic. The only byproduct is whatever material has been removed during the restoration process.

Dry Ice Blasting can be effectively used in countless industries for a wide variety of applications such as, restoration of industrial equipment, buildings, electric motors, printing presses and food processing plants. It can also be used for removing corrosion on stainless steel in potash mines, degreasing objects, and much more. Contact Medius Industrial today and find out how Dry Ice Blasting can help you.

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